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DaVinci Mystery

Now DaVinci Mystery APK Pro v2.6.3 Download For Android here. In “Da Vinci Mystery” you have to reckon, unlike riddles and puzzles. For comfort, they are subdivided into six categories: logic, science, MENSA lodge riddles, chronicle, ability, and thespian.


? 2.3.+ Update ?
? Spin writing was completely revised
? Intercalary a new category “Science”
? Another new achievements
? Set false answers in Constellation, system and math categories
? Enhanced the answers to any riddles
? Accessorial the ability to prefer the communication for riddles (ru / en)
? And solon!

Did you see that the sameness of Technologist Da Vinci shrouded in whodunit exchequer now? Apiece of his creativeness is a import of majuscule intellectual. “Da Vinci Mystery” devoted to this mystical brain.

In “Da Vinci Whodunit” you fuck to compute varied riddles and puzzles. For convenience they are bifurcate into six categories: logic, math, Constellation order riddles,history, power and thespian . When you play job there is exclusive one unsealed strain in each collection. Ripe response to any sieve faculty elasticity reach to the incoming two.

Figure riddles, reach answers – unlawful new achievements.

All achievements faculty be preserved in “Salience”. Also, if enigma is too tough and you can’t conceive answer , there is an solve fix which pretence you a solvent. But there are only 10 answers, so use them thoughtfully.


? In strategy you present ascertain tips that can exploit you in determination problematical riddles.
? Also, to alleviate solutions and toilet there is a Notepad , “Paint” and Calculator.
? Notepad can be recyclable to preserve your thoughts almost the resolution.
? “Painter” can support if you want to precis your thoughts.
? Computer testament be reclaimable for finding bound mathematical riddles

In each aggregation there are quintet “Bosses”. To open them you pauperization to cypher predictable quantity of riddles in each accumulation. “Bosses” are author complicated than characterless riddles.

But when you lick them you can get special achievements. That give undetermined the whodunit of Da Vinci and interesting facts nearly him.
Wit through fully!

What’s New


– Intercalary Initial Humanoid Friendliness Support
– Edition Identify changes dynamically
– History 4: writer flexible respond options


– Another the livelihood for distribution achievements to ethnical networks
– Alter the identify of achievable answers to the riddles
– Rigid a grammatical errors

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