Love Archer

Love Archer Game APK Latest Version v3.0.4.1 For Android

Love Archer Review:

Welcome to the Love Archer game for all android users. One of the best game about the inspiring love feeling. There are many interesting projects, you can play different cheerful tricky cupid using Archer skills. The most beautiful features are Bow and magic arrows of love to connect everyone creating lovely loving couple. Love archer is a fun game. Where you can solve tricky puzzles and throw the arrows to a creature of your own choice. If your arrow hits the same target. They will fall in a beautiful garden and magic of love will take them over.

Are you ready, My tiny cupid super hero?

Shoot your magic arrows on right target into funny creature hearts to making them love each other and born a new baby. You will enjoy the game lots of babies to create. Even different creature can make a solid couples and become happiest parents. Likely combine Ore vs Human and see how love conquers all. You can create your own unique creature, combine the couples to see the interesting results. It gained a lot of fans from all around the world, who loves to play mind storming puzzles. Including it allows you to communicate and to share with puzzle lovers. Archer has a unique art style, high quality resolution graphics and characters making more fun.

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Love Archer Features:

  • Amazing archery game mechanic.
  • Fun and interesting game puzzles.
  • Different creature from human to dog.
  • Wonderful colorful graphics.
  • Easy to use and control.

Lets start and take up the bow. Set your magic arrows and shoot the creature target. Become a legend bow master. Learn the secrets of cupid archery makes you greatest love archer master. Connect every heart from the magic of arrows. It is a free puzzle game, easy to download and install on your phone.

Additional Details

November 1, 2022